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Preview: Shakespeare’s Dreams and Nightmares

Here at the OSO, we are still commemorating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death. Our next Shakespeare event, Shakespeare's Dreams and Nightmares, staged by the Rattle N' Roll Players, explores the bard's work from an innovative and accessible angle- by...

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Preview: Divas Night

We sit down with local musician Stephan O'Goodson, the creator of our popular Jazz Divas Night, which returns to the OSO this Friday. Tell us about the history of the Divas Night.   Marimba [Arihi, co-creator of the Divas Night] and I had been singing with the...

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An Interview with Donald Trump

This week, the OSO is graced by the presence of Donald Trump himself, in his new hit show Force of Trump on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st. In one of the more bizarre interviews that you'll see on this blog, we sit down with The Donald to chat about what brings him to...

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Abbott on Pope

It's a cold Wednesday afternoon when I pick up the phone to acclaimed blind storyteller Giles Abbott. I'm greeted by the warm, passionate voice of a man for whom storytelling is more than just a job- it's an integral part of his personality. We are discussing Abbott's...

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In Conversation With… A Well Remembered Voice

We chat to James Lark, Artistic Director of the Io Theatre Company, about their new production of J. M. Barry's WW1 drama A Well Remembered Voice. The show tells the story of a grieving mother and father who plan a séance to communicate with their son Jack, who died...

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An Introduction to: Barnes Scratch Nights

We sit down with comedian Charlie Dupre, who, alongside fellow performers Matt Morrison and James Sanderson, is behind our upcoming new writing nights- the Barnes Scratch Nights. Where did the idea for the Barnes Scratch Nights come from? Matt, James and I came up...

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