An online exhibition of #stayathome art.

Explore works created by local artists in isolation, digitally displayed in an online gallery. Click an image to make it full size and access the description.

When the OSO can reopen its doors, a selection of these works will be displayed in a special exhibition, as proof that even when our bodies are walled in, the mind is without boundaries.


We welcome all submissions of art created by members of the community whilst in isolation. To submit to the galley, email, including the artist name, a high resolution image, the title, and a brief description. We would like to encourage children to submit pieces too!


Click an artist to jump to their gallery, or scroll to explore freely.



Penelope Halling

Penelope Halling is an illustrator from South West London. She specialises in watercolour and digital illustrations in a range of styles; usually working minimally in bold colours, taking inspiration from linework & dotwork tattoo art & traditional sign painting.

Faces of Isolation


Faces of Isolation is a daily portrait project I am developing while we are in an isolation and lockdown period, in the uk and globally.


As a history graduate and artist I recognise that we are living through an unprecidented time and that we should all try and document what we can. 


I am asking everyone that I can to send me a current picture of themselves and some words on their experience during the Covid 19 pandemic. I then turn them into illustrated portraits. My aim with this project is to capture as many people and experiences of this time as possible.

If you would like to take part simply email me a current picture of yourself and a few sentences (or more) about your experiences.


Jo Holland


Jo Holland is an artist who creates emphatic photographic images without a camera or film.  Jo was introduced to photography by her father, and went on to study its origins and experimental darkroom based photographers including Man Ray and László Moholy-Nagy, delving into researching and exploring alternative ways to record light onto light sensitive paper.


Having always had a fascination with light, Jo creates original photographs via analogue process's that she further composes digitally to blend the classic with the contemporary.


Mark Osterman, Photographic Process Historian at George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film in Rochester, NY, has explained 'the transcendental beauty of Jo's images is due to the combination of both transmissive and reflected light being recorded onto photographic paper'.


Her artworks are intuitively informed from her meditation practice and innate connection to nature that, regardless of her selected subject matter, celebrate beauty, elegance and grace.  She presents her emotive images for reflection and contemplation, encouraging us to become the observer of our relationship to ourselves, our true human nature, our relationships with nature and to re connect us to simple be.


Steve Weeks

Spike Mclarrity

Spike is a live art performance artist, painter, needle worker, film and photographer amongst many things he is also white rabbit. His work also includes working with different artists and performance artists in collaborations from across the world.  

Spike and his alter ego (I am white rabbit) has been known to sit on a wall by the river Thames in South West London, or appear on the boundaries of his community every first of the month.  This is an on going performance, greeting in the month ahead, based on the myth White rabbit, White rabbit, White rabbit.  Regardless if its raining, snowing, sunshine you will find the rabbit sitting greeting the morning traffic, people heading to work, school, college. He has been doing this since November 2015, waving from 7am until 8am. 


What is it I am not saying? 


This work grew out from my participation with THiNO when I recently collaborated with Zyggy - a young composer who is currently doing his masters.  This involvement has stirred up my creativity especially during a time when we are on lock down.  Within the art world there is a tendency to analyse artists' work, where in the performance world it is what it is: a live experience.  I wanted to explore this idea of making performance to camera with the concept of looking at what questions am I not asking? The title itself is an invitation, the pieces have evolved each day as I have set myself to do one performance a day to stop me from going totally into isolation as I have only been out four times since the shut down and spent the rest of the time at home, having also to deal with the limitations I am now faced with, now that all they neighbours are home, which restricts me of what I can do especially in my back garden that is also my studio.  This is a strange time for all of us.

Patricia Watson


From an early age I have been encouraged to draw and paint with works ranging from my first illustrated book (7), to murals in my various homes and now in the last decade to focus on producing mainly oil paintings, but also enjoying taking commissions for watercolour and ink works.   As a past Chairman and member of the Society of Fulham Artists & Potters (SoFAP) I have enjoyed the chance to experiment and explore subject matter so here is a collection of works ranging from landscapes and forests, through to seascapes, animals and the occasional still life.

I often take my oils, blank canvases and boards when holidaying with my husband and with my children and 9 grandchildren, when I find a quiet spot to paint en plein air.   More recently (not just because of Covid-19) I find myself indoors more, so I work from photographs of wonderful scenes and experiences plus my memory of those sunny, cold, warm, snowy or rainy days. Feel free to contact me regarding any commissions: or call: 07973 721859.


Tim Pond

Tim Pond’s artwork spans two decades of working in a wide range of different media and clients. He is particularly recognised for his dip pen and ink work which has appeared in the Guardian Newspaper and a wide range of publications. Sketching from nature has taken Tim from being an expedition artist in Alaska, to sketching leaves in a tropical forest in Mexico.

Toby Messer


After a successful career in advertising, Toby Messer decided to something different and wholly unpredictable – become an artist.  For the last eighteen years he has immersed himself in the wildness of Richmond Park, sketching, painting and recording the ever changing beauty of places such as Isabella Plantation.  


However, recording and painting natural landscapes is only a fraction of the story.  The unkempt beauty of Richmond Park is neatly complimented by more urban vistas; Toby is enchanted by electricity wires rail track ephemera and the sweeping majesty of the M4 corridor.  More often than not with a bright and very vivid palette.   


Closer to home, he likes to paint the familiar architecture of Barnes and its environs.  Namely, Barnes and Hammersmith Bridge.  His work has featured in several shows and galleries and he is an active member of the Barnes Art Society, having taken part in a number of exhibitions and the retail trail.  In addition to this, he immortalised Monty the Dachshund to claim Best in Show and The People’s choice in the ever popular Pet’s Portraits Show.  He has found himself on a journey that takes him in several unfamiliar directions but nevertheless he finds the challenges therein; rewarding.    

Arnhel de Serra


Arnhel is a reportage photographer whose work is comical, disruptive, political, humorous and colourful. He works on broad themes with more of a focus on personal observation than telling stories through photo essays. His focus on British Life is one of those themes he keeps returning to, as well as kickstarting a project on Life in Barnes.

Under the "Lockdown" he has turned his camera on his family to create a personal diary of daily life in the "de Serra" household.