A selection of our past productions, made available on film for you to enjoy at home.


Halfway through a pub crawl on her 25th birthday, Maya and her friends stumble across a pub they've never seen before. What follows is a bizarre and heartfelt journey back through London's history as Maya realises she's inside a time travelling pub...


The Clockwork Arms travels through five separate time periods as the pub's inhabitants are exposed to their dark past and uncertain future to determine what to do in their time.

Written & Directed by Will Jarvis

Produced by Laura Aiton, Adam Porrett & Will Jarvis Music by Zygmund de Somogyi

Tech by Seb Clarkson

Sound Design by Jonny Danciger


Maya - Hana Jarrah

The Bartender - Joel Coussins

Wendy - Maisie Amelia Preston

Johnathon - Jonny Danciger

Dr. Badcock - Vas Passaris

Marcellus - Harrison Forbes

7th November 2019



It takes big liberties with certain details, but The Legacy of William Ireland is based on a remarkable real-life story. In 1796, the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane staged a ‘lost’ work of Shakespeare: a play so bad that it was instantly denounced as a forgery, never to be performed in public again. The fraudster was the William Ireland of this play’s title, who had managed to hoodwink the venerable James Boswell into vouching for the script’s authenticity. We now meet William on the night the deception crashes down… for although he’d fooled the ageing Boswell, he couldn’t fool the London mob.

Written by Tim Connery

Directed by Doug Kirby

Produced by Alex Dee

Starring Charlie Jack

Company: Stage D'Or 

15th October 2019


What happens if you stray from your comfort zone ? A woman arrives in a pub and invites herself to join a man, to whom she is apparently unknown. Their clothing and demeanour would suggest that they have very little in common. But, very much in keeping with a theme of this production, all is not as it seems. She, it transpires, is a wife, jilted after eight years of marriage. She has an arranged meeting with the man – a professional killer – to arrange the murder of her estranged husband.

Written by Tim Connery

Directed by Doug Kirby

Produced by Alex Dee

Starring Alex Dee and Lou Kendon-Ross

Company: Stage D'Or 

15th October 2019


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