The OSO Arts Centre is excited to announce that it will be staging performances of Blood, Sweat and Vaginas by Paula David, and Delivery by Andy Walker, at this year's Barnes Fringe Festival in July.

The competition was incredibly close, with 68 applications for just two slots. A huge thanks to everyone who sent in their scripts.

Blood, Sweat and Vaginas

Rehearsed Reading on Tue 2nd July at 4pm

Developed Performance on Tue 9th July at 8pm

Carolann’s awakening is sudden and all consuming. Perpetuating the strong black woman myth is no longer an option. She stumbles out of her super woman bubble to discover a world of sex, soul music and menopause. Hypnotic melodies, searing honesty and humour will take you on a journey of self discovery with Carolann.






Rehearsed Reading on Thu 4th July at 4pm

Developed Performance on Thu 11th July at 8pm

The future should look bright for Joe. He loves his wife Angela, and they’re expecting their first baby.

However, as he awaits the delivery in the maternity ward, Joe’s deeply troubled character emerges. He’s haunted by events he experienced, and participated in, during a brutal war.

Can a severely damaged paratrooper ever become a loving dad? What could possibly save his soul?

No one realises how deep the gutter is until they have to climb out of it.

Delivery is a journey to the edge of oblivion, that travels a road lined with humour, humanity and hope. A life-affirming comedy-drama featuring depressed fruit flies and existential sheep.


OSO Arts Centre

49 Station Road


London SW13 0LF

Entrance Besides Côte Brasserie 

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