Original works from our performing artists remote collaboration initiative.

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William Shakespeare is struggling to find that elusive line... and to make matters worse, he's stuck in the 2020 lockdown.


Written by Evangeline Henderson Performed by Pete Picton

Directed by Maggie Wang



He used to be the ‘baller' kid that stood up to the school bully. Is that side of his personality still there?


Written by Sydney Feder

Directed and Edited by Kitty Ball

Performed by Danny Joseph



A gorgeous jazz-classical song, written and performed in lockdown.

Music and Piano by Sofia Kirwan-Baez

Text by Abigail Milne

Vocals by Jonathan Eyers



Spike has only been given six minutes to perform, but really he has ten...?


Performance by Jack Dillon

Script by Spike Mclarrity


Based on a performance by Spike Mclarrity at Nippon International Arts Festival 2020.



Debbie’s grieving alone with nobody to turn to except her hero, Edith Nesbit. A story of dealing with loss and guilt, and how sometimes it’s good to just let it all out.

Written by Elisabeth Galvin

Performed by Bonnie Hay

Directed by Abigail Milne



An original song with epic atmospheres and seismic textural shifts, written, recorded and produced in lockdown.

Music and Production by Dário

Text by Phoebe Mansell

Vocals by Dário and Anna Semple

Piano by Alex Norton

Video by Jonny Danciger



Jay is determined not to come across as weak… a difficult endeavour when his childhood tormentor, Sarah Hornet, is also his landlady.


Written by Rachael Crozier

Directed by Maggie Wang

Starring Ryan Mellish and Abby Forman



Two sisters, separated by the lockdown, navigate the highways and byroads of digital communication.


Written by Eloïse Poulton

Edited by Callum Hale-Thomson

Directed by Una O'Sullivan

Starring Beth Atkinson and Hannah Mauvis



Joe is just a normal mid 20’s guy trying to move on in the mortifying world of online dating...


Written by Sophie Warren

Performed by Stefan Chanyaem

Directed by Alex Stenhouse



An honest and heartfelt take on the world of online dating.


Written by Abby Forman

Performed by Ewan Pollitt

Directed by Rachael Crozier



Being dishonest with your kids can have brutal consequences... Probably better to be honest, then?


Written by Sydney Feder

Performed by Will Beynon

Directed by Coral Tarran



An stunning original musical theatre song about commitment and tortured romance.

Music by Lydia Breckon

Text by Rachael Crozier

Vocals by Sarah Wright



A moving original classical song for soprano and piano.

Music by Timothy Coleman

Text by Maggie Wang

Vocals by Kezia Robson

Piano by Sofia Kirwan-Baez



And the crows laughed.


Performer - Spike Mclarrity

Composer - Zygmund de Somogyi



A man sits down to do his crossword puzzle - or was it to do the grocery list?


Written by Friederike Pank and Olivia Route

Performed and edited by Will Jarvis

Directed by Lydia McKinley



Contains strong language.


Presenting Peas in a Pod(cast), from Lily and Damien Cherub! So sweet, it can only go sour...

Written by Paige Evans

Performed by Amelia Gabriel

Directed and Edited by Mark Danciger



A seamlessly interwoven delivery of a personal poem written for identical twins Phoebe and Isabella.

Poem by Paddy Gormley

Performed by Phoebe Mansell and Isabella Mansell

Directed by Timothy Coleman



A haunting original classical song for soprano and piano.

Music by Anna Semple

Text by Friederike Pank

Vocals by Sofia Kirwan-Baez

Piano by Alex Norton



Know your partner's insides and out...

An original song about the strains of dietary requirements.

Written by Paige Evans

Composed by Stephen Hyde

Vocals by Alex Jackson

Piano by Joe Davies



This video contains language that may be inappropriate for younger viewers.


Relationships can be tricky. So can plants.

Written by Will Jarvis

Performed by Emily Millwood

Directed by Alex Jackson



Self-isolating with a ghost has its complications.

Written by James Alston

Performed by Adam Goodbody

Directed by Jasper Frost


CONTENT WARNING - This piece includes strong language, and tackles themes of anxiety, self-harm and suicide.

A story about a cat called Jeremy takes an unexpected turn.

Performance by Spike Mclarrity

Score by Zygmund de Somogyi


An original classical song, resonant with the current global situation.

Words - Jonny Danciger

Music - Joe Davies

Voice - Beatrice Acland

Piano - Harry Baker


Turing test: a test of a machine's ability to exhibit intelligent behaviour indistinguishable from that of a human.

Written and Edited by Mark Danciger

Performed by Louis Pieris

Directed by Siobhan McAuley


This video contains language that may be inappropriate for younger viewers.

You all know Trevor Moncur. You all know what he did. But now see Trevor Moncur through the eyes of the man who knew him best.

Written by Joel Coussins

Performed by James Alston

Directed and Edited by Una O'Sullivan